Tips to educate a kitten

Tips to educate a kitten

21 February, 2019

Cats are very independent animals, but as with other pets, we can also be educated from an early age. Especially in the case of those kittens that will live at home, whether with other humans, children or animals, it is necessary to get them used from the beginning to good practices.

The sooner you start with the education of a kitten, better results you will get regarding their behaviour in adulthood.

How to educate a kitten

According to experts in feline ethology, there are some tips to educate cats that are very useful for their caregivers:

  • Scold your cat immediately when he/she does something wrong. There is no use in scolding him/her a bit later, because the cat does not understand what he/she has done wrong.
  • Always act the same way. Choose a word in order to scold your cat, saying it with the same tone of voice so that the feline associates it with bad behaviour.
  • Do not shout at him/her or punish him/her. We, the cats, are not like children, and we do not associate this type of punishment with something that we have done wrong. The screaming and spanking only get to bother us or cause fear for humans.
  • Be always consistent. Do not make exceptions with your cat so that he/she does not get confused. If you do not want me to scratch the sofa, tell me off every time I do it without exceptions. Make it clear from the beginning what the cat can and cannot do at home.
  • Educate in a positive way. The best way to get your cat to behave well is to reward him/her when he/she does something right. It is a very common practice to educate kittens on the use of their sandbox, of their new scraper, or in order to teach them a new trick.

And you, what tips do you usually use to educate your kitten?

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