How to take care of your cat’s paws

How to take care of your cat’s paws

30 March, 2017

Despite the fact that we cats are quite neat and tidy, it’s important to pay close attention to taking care of our paws, especially keeping out claws healthy and also clean if your cat is allowed outdoors.

Before rushing headlong into inspecting our paws, please be forewarned that we may not be any too happy about your touching such a sensitive part of our body. That’s why it’s important for you to massage our paw pads at times whenever we are relaxed to get us used to your touching our paws.

To take good care of our claws and to keep us from sharpening them on your furniture, the best thing is to get yourself a cat scratcher as soon as possible. To trim our claws, you can either go to a specialist or get yourself a pair of special cat claw clippers, but don’t trim our claws too short so that our paws won’t bleed.

In the event that you let your cat go outdoors, it’s important that your inspect your cat’s paw pads and clean them when your cat comes back in the house to prevent dirt from outdoors being tracked into your home and from your cat possibly getting sick on licking its paws and swallowing some toxic substance.


Although taking care of your cat’s paws may seem simple, the truth is that it can test your patience and be a stressful situation for your pet. So, I recommend that you take it easy, by trimming your cat’s claws in different sessions or, as we’ve mentioned before, by inspecting its paw pads whenever your cat is more relaxed.

In the event that you notice that your cat’s not walking right, that its paw pads are red and swollen and that its paw is injured in any way, the best thing to do is to take your cat to see a veterinarian to rule out any serious problem and make certain that proper treatment is provided.

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