How to prevent the cat from throwing the cat litter outside the litter box?

How to prevent the cat from throwing the cat litter outside the litter box?

3 March, 2017

It’s true that we sometimes go flying off on a tangent and the cat littler goes flying along with us. Everything sprinkled and spread around with our kitty litter and kitty doo. No, it’s not that we’re trying to get even with you for anything or play a dirty trick on you or act up. Quite to the contrary, this all bothers us too, but we just find it impossible to control where our litter falls sometimes. And I know you want to know how to prevent your cat from throwing the cat litter outside the litter box.

If you haven’t realized the reasons why the litterbox turns up empty when it’s not supposed to, I’m going to mention a few factors to you here that keep your dear pet from keeping their litter inside the litterbox.

Size does matter

I’m referring to the fact that you must bear in mind that this is our toilet, and we need to feel comfortable and have space to be able to do our business and move around properly. What I mean is that the litterbox must be right for our size and also be deep enough so that nothing will fall out.

Cleaning habits

You know that we cats are exceedingly clean animals and that we place a great deal of importance on our cleanliness and the cleanliness of the space around us. We’d like to ask you to make a little effort and pay attention to the condition of our litterbox. We can’t do anything about it ourselves and depend exclusively on you to keep it clean and ready to be used. If your cat barely has enough room inside the litterbox because it’s full of bits and pieces of  undesirable matter, your cat is going to be more apt to dig around in the litter trying to find a suitable place to do its business.

Type of cat litter

Just as in the two preceding sections, having the right litter is absolutely essential for keeping our cat from throwing the litter outside of the litterbox. Pay close attention, keep your pet’s own individual characteristics and our type of fur in mind in order to select the litter best for your cat. If you’re still not completely sure, my advice is that you  use the Sepicat Litter Selector to your best advantage.

Little cat inside the litter box

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