Where should I dispose the cat litter?

Where should I dispose the cat litter?

24 March, 2017

Never put your cat’s litterbox in just the first place that comes to mind. Although you may not believe it, where our litterbox is placed is highly important to us. We need to feel safe and sound every time we go to the toilet. It’s not so hard to understand, you humans also need your privacy for these purposes.

If you’ve been lucky and, despite your not having our indispensable needs in mind, we’ve gotten used to using the litterbox wherever you’ve left it, don’t go moving it around anywhere else. We’re creatures of habit and territorial, so, if we’ve already gotten used to the idea, best leave us be.

Nevertheless, the normal thing is for you to think a little about us and take into account a number of simple, basic measures which will make us feel much more comfy and contented concerning the place you’ve decided we should do our business.

It’s indispensable that our litterbox be away from where we eat and sleep. You wouldn’t like to eat or sleep in the bathroom… at least I don’t think you would 🙂

Besides, the room used for keeping our litterbox must be well-ventilated and be fresh and as clean as possible. This depends exclusively on you, so, make a little effort, we aren’t asking for a lot.

Toilet time is one of the tensest for us, given that we feel insecure and vulnerable. We need to be able to control what’s around us when we get down to business and, in the event we get frightened, be able to escape from the toilet without creating a mess. That’s why it’s important for our litterbox to be readily-accessible.

Last but not least, try to keep the place chosen for keeping the litterbox quiet and away from busy back and forth traffic. It’s not a matter of when it come times to do our business being turned into a show viewed through a show window. You wouldn’t like that either, now would you? Just plain common sense.

Little white cat inside the litter box

Cats we DO care about out litter box’s location

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