How do I teach my cat to use the litter box?

How do I teach my cat to use the litter box?

18 May, 2014

By nature, cats like to do their business on the ground or in sand, but cats aren’t born knowing how to use a litter box. So, it’s necessary to give your cat a short crash course in the event that it hasn’t learned what to do from its mother.

Whenever you see the cat fooling around or sniffing around in the corners or the garbage area, don’t waste time: pick up your pet and put it in the litter box.

Be patient! Not all cats get the connection right away, some cats being a bit slower to catch on, and one may find little surprises here and there around the house. In these cases, pick up the feces with a piece of paper and place it in the litter box. Pick up your cat and take it to the litter box, repeating the aforementioned process.


Remember: insulting and/or shouting at the cat when the unpleasant surprise is found is not advisable for the cat’s learning process, so save your breath for cheering on your favorite football team on the field.