Cats and pregnant women

Cats and pregnant women

12 April, 2017

Many people are told they should get rid of their cat when the decide to have a baby due to being afraid that the cat may possibly infect the baby with feared Toxoplasmosis, a disease caused by the Toxoplasma gondii parasite, which could even cause malformations in the fetus, but which does not have to pose a risk to the baby if a number of precautions are taken.

The first thing you should know is that in the event that the pregnant woman in question has already had this disease, she cannot catch it again and the baby will therefore not be at any risk. For this purpose, the woman should take the test during the first weeks of pregnancy to confirm or rule out this possibility as well as ruling out that you cat may already be infected.

How is Toxoplasmosis transmitted?

We cats become infected on eating raw meat contaminated with this parasite and excrete it via their feces. That’s why a pregnant woman should not do any cat litterbox cleaning or allow the cat to go outdoors, as it might come in contact with other cats that are in fact infected.

Another important measure is to keep close watch over what your cat eats. As long as you feed your cat either dry or moist cat pellets, you’ll have no problem. It’s important to watch to make certain that your cat doesn’t eat any type of raw meat, in other words, no hunting any birds, mice or any other type of animal throughout the time the woman is pregnant.

Lastly, on being an orally-transmitted disease, you must not only wash your hands as well as not touch your mouth with your hands after touching cats which might be infected, but you should also avoid eating any type of raw meat and wash any vegetables you are going to eat as well as your hands very thoroughly after handling them.

As you can see, toxoplasmosis is not a disease that can be transmitted to you solely by your cat. Following some simple guidelines will enable you to prevent being infected without having to get rid of your beloved pet and, in the event of any doubt, you can always ask your physician or veterinarian.

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