Cats and cold weather. Advice for keeping us toasty warm

Cats and cold weather. Advice for keeping us toasty warm

23 November, 2017

Humans, if you get cold in wintertime, we do too. We cats don’t get along with cold weather well at all, and if you pay close attention to us, you’ll notice that we spend the cold months of the year in search of sunlight, the warmest nooks and crannies in the house, the radiators and any hiding place where we can find some warmth. Help us out to keep us from spending this winter ice cold. It’s really easy.

It’s very important that you bear in mind how we’re eating. If you usually let your cats go outdoors, we’ll normally need extra calories to combat the cold. But if we don’t ever go outdoors, our diet shouldn’t change for the winter months unless the veterinarian tells you otherwise.

Besides, if it usually snows where we live and we spend a few hours outdoors, we will probably get overly chilled from time to time. In these cases, don’t waste any time. Get a blanket and wrap us up and warm us up as soon as possible with the aid of a hot water bag so that we’ll warm back up to our ideal body temperature.


How to keep cats warm in cold weather


It’s very simple to keep us from ever getting cold at home. The first step consists of making the most of the sunlight. Raise the blinds and pull back the curtains during the day so that we can lie down and relax, soaking up those warm ultraviolet rays. We’ll be tremendously grateful to you for doing so. If, besides, you put our beds or scratching posts near those sunlit areas, you’ll make us the happiest cats on the block.

You can also opt for gifting us with a heated cat bed. Mind you now, to prevent any accidents, make certain that you buy a good quality bed that is easily washable. Another option is to get a radiator hammock so we can dose by taking advantage of the heat the radiator gives off without getting burned.

If you’re a bit of a penny pincher or can’t buy us as fine a quality bed as you’d like us to have, you can always roll up your sleeves and create our own homemade beds for us out of boxes and old clothes. We love those beds!

Another option is to put our scratchers high up off the floor so that we’ll get the advantage of the fact that warm air rises and can enjoy the toasty air way high up off the floor. Play with us so that we’ll stay active and warm up fast and, as always, pet us and give us lots of TLC, which always helps.

Lastly, if you work from home or spend long hours studying, you can always put a little bed near your desk lamp. That way, besides having us nearby and being able to have the enjoyment of our company and gorgeousness, we’ll be as happy and comfy as can be when soaking up the warmth from that lamp. So much for cats and the cold!

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