What to do when a cat is scared by fireworks

What to do when a cat is scared by fireworks

20 September, 2018

The vast majority of cats are afraid of the loud noises produced by fireworks. This irrational fear can lead us to hide, and even to escape, taking advantage of an oversight of humans, which could cause us to lose our way by not knowing how to return home.

This light and colour that you humans like so much can be a very annoying for us cats. Keep in mind that our hearing is much more developed than yours, and at times of celebrations we are very frightened.

If your cat is very scared and also has a bad time with the noise of fireworks, there are a series of precautions and cares that you can put into practice to protect him and make them feel better. Take note of all of them.

Avoid noise

If you know that soon there will be an event with fireworks close to home, prepare your home so that the noise can be heard as little as possible. Close doors and windows so that the house is soundproofed, so your cat will not be scared.

Put relaxing music on, using bird sounds or keeping the television on at home, also helps to camouflage the rumble in the home.

Safe place

Provide your cat with a safe place that she cannot escape from if she gets scared. Place your bed, your scraper, your favourite toys, as well as your food and water in a calmer environment.

A box or a small homemade tent will allow your cat to hide if they are afraid, and thus they will not be tempted to leave.

Distract them

Act normally at home while there are fireworks on the street. This way, your cat will know that there is no danger and he will feel more secure. Distract your kitty by playing with them, pampering them or even giving them one of their favourite sweets, and the noise from outside will not be a problem.

Tranquillising hormones

The use of synthetic hormones for cats, sprayed in some places in the house, can also be relaxing for pets. These hormones are perceived as a very pleasant family scent, marking a safe environment in which they do not feel afraid of what is happening outside.

If you follow these tips, you will achieve that your cat is much calmer while outside the house you hear the roar of the fireworks.

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