What are the best toys for your cat’s age?

What are the best toys for your cat’s age?

16 March, 2018

Cats have an indisputable passion for sleeping. They could spend hours and hours lazing about, but as felines they are also skilled hunters. They still have an instinct that needs to be triggered through the use of various cat toys and accessories so they move.

There are endless types of toys for cats, which can be adapted to suit each pet, their preferences, and especially their age and the activity level they need to maintain their health. It is very important that every once in a while we give our felines some new toys that get their attention and encourage them to play and move.

If you also have questions about what toy is best for your pet, take note and learn about favourite toys for each cat according to their age. This way you can change his toys from time to time so he never loses interest in continuing to be a restless hunter.

Toys for kittens

Kittens are the most restless living beings in the world. From the moment they are born, the little ones do not stop nosing around and discovering everything around them. So practically any object will serve as a practical toy for them.

However, precisely because they never stop, there are some cat toys and accessories that will be very useful in keeping up with their pace of play with a minimal effort made by humans.

An obvious example would be the little sticks that have a toy at one end or toys that hang from a sting. You can move the toys in any direction and the kitten tries to catch them. Balls with bells inside are also very attractive to cats and they can spend hours and hours chasing them. However, we recommend you put these away at night – or you won’t get any sleep because of the incessant noise!

Toys for young cats

When cats are past their more active kitten period, their physical exercise can come to a standstill and your pets can gain weight if we do not encourage them to be active. In these cases where the cat is no longer excited about wands, balls and other simpler toys, we have to make more of an effort and give them other kinds of toys that interest them more.


To encourage young cats to stay active, pet tunnels can be great fun because for cats they can be a new world to be discovered. They will not stop going in and coming out.

Toys with movement are also very useful, which can be chased non-stop and keep your cats active for several minutes a day. This is enough time for them to be tired and sleep like angels afterward.

Toys and accessories for adult cats

Inevitably, when cats become adults, they no longer have as much energy to keep moving as they did before. Still, that does not mean we can stop stimulating them and let them do nothing all day.

Adult cat toys are prefect for these pets, like boxes that have balls inside, tunnels with small balls they can move when they insert their paw and other cat puzzles. If we also include a small treat inside the cat toys, they will be much more interested in playing and keeping active at all times.


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